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NOVA Sports Nutrition helped our daughter establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


“We came to NOVA Sports Nutrition for healthy eating guidance for our daughter. She lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time and although she was still considered to be at a healthy weight for her height, the rapid weight loss and current diet caused her to lose her menstrual cycle. We struggled for over two years to find answers and a solution for her amenorrhea before coming to NOVA Sports Nutrition. Nikky Hindle of NOVA Sports Nutrition helped our daughter establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise. She guided our daughter on a journey that will benefit her for the rest of her life. Within six months of working with Nikky, our daughter reestablished a recurring monthly menstrual cycle. Without the help of Nikky Hindle, I am certain we would still be struggling to find answers on how to help our daughter.

In my teenage daughter’s words, Nikky is “non-judgmental and persuasive but not pushy”. We are forever grateful and highly recommend NOVA Sports Nutrition.”

Diane, September 2023

She has been a wonderful source of encouragement when we feel stuck and a positive push when we need it

“Working with Nikky has been rewarding in so many ways. She has really given us the tools to make a life style change that makes us look and feel great. Nikky has walked through not only our health and wellness journey with us, but a healthy pregnancy and postpartum as well. She has been a wonderful source of encouragement when we feel stuck and a positive push when we need it. I have never felt judged when working with Nikky. I look forward to continuing on this journey to a more healthy me and I can’t thank Nikky enough for all she has done. 30 pounds down!” 

Amanda, September 2023

“When we first started working with a nutritionist I did not know what to expect. I thought working with a nutritionist meant dieting and eating ice cubes and lettuce. It turns out that Nikky has changed the way we think about nutrition. Instead of being something that is restrictive, it has opened the door to a healthy lifestyle that makes us feel good and we are blown away by the results. I have been able to loose 30 pounds and keep it off even through my wife’s pregnancy. Nikky has helped me to work towards a goal of building muscle and loosing body fat. I’m building a dad bod that I can be proud of. Thanks, Nikky!”

AJ, September 2023

NOVA Sports Nutrition is a great resource.

“NOVA Sports Nutrition is a great resource. Nikky is personable and knowledgeable. She focuses on your own personal goal and does what she can to help you reach that goal. She also holds you accountable by reviewing your food diary and provides substitute foods that are better for you. She will also develop a work out plan specifically to help you with your goal. If you need recipe ideas, Nikky will provide those for you too. Nikky goes above and beyond to help you reach your goal. I definitely recommend her services.”

Julie, May 2022

She provided workout/meal plans that fit my crazy life.

“Nikky is great – she’s responsive, effective, and listened to what I needed. She provided workout/meal plans that fit my crazy life, and I will continue to use her in the future!”

Chelsey, August 2022

I could not have done it without Nikky's guidance.

“Nikky was an excellent coach and mentor to my daughter, helping her to gain knowledge, strength and confidence in herself through her guidance and instruction.”

Jen,  January 2021

NOVA Sports Nutrition has been outstanding for our teenage daughter.

“NOVA Sports Nutrition has been outstanding for our teenage daughter. We originally approached Nikky to help our daughter with her nutrition, Body Mass Index (BMI) and to improve her strength/flexibility for her varsity sports program. Nikky has been an absolutely superior coach and overall wellness asset…the results have been great! Our daughter has consistently reached all of her benchmarks with regard to Body Mass Index, as well as a noticeable improvement in her strength and flexibility. The best part of all is our daughter is always motivated for her sessions at NOVA. We highly recommend NOVA Sports Nutrition!”

Dave and Stacey, May 2020

Nikky helped me make gradual changes and listened to my preferences for meals.

“I came to NOVA Sports Nutrition right after hip surgery to assist with getting back my strength, losing weight, and learning how to fuel my body while I returned to previous activity levels. This was my first time ever working with a Registered Dietitian and Nikky has been so great. I didn’t want to cut out whole food groups or feel insane cravings. Nikky helped me make gradual changes and listened to my preferences for meals. My weekly video calls with Nikky also helped me quickly adjust my nutrition based on stressors, food availability (thanks to COVID), and physical feedback from my body during workouts. All of the healthy habits Nikky is helping me with are slowly becoming my “default” and I couldn’t be happier about that.”

Angie, July 2020

Nikky definitely helped change my daughter's life in many positive ways.

“Nikky provided outstanding services to my daughter (a very athletic, older teen) regarding fitness, nutrition, muscle-building, as well as body image and eating/food-related issues — which helped her immensely in becoming much smarter about all of these areas. She has had a huge, positive impact on my daughter’s life! Over 6 months Nikky has helped totally improve every aspect of my daughter’s physical health, as well as mental aspects of an elite female athlete in areas such as self-discipline, self-motivation, self-image and self-esteem, and dealing with pressures of perfectionism and highly competitive environments. This also includes excellent improvement in food/eating/nutrition related issues – especially in today’s world with peer and society pressures of fast-food, poor eating habits, dieting and body-image, and in general overall healthy habits! Nikky definitely helped change my daughter’s life in many positive ways. We are extremely grateful for her attentiveness, personalized advice and communication, and responsiveness (to daughter and to me as parent) — she was always professional, very articulate, and so thoughtful and willing to go above and beyond what was expected in very caring ways.”

William, July 2020

I truly enjoyed working with Nikky on nutrition.

“I started working with Nikky on the recommendation of my kettlebell instructor. I am a weightlifter and needed to lose body fat in order to be close to my weight class. I interacted with Nikky by phone and through the Healthie app. She was always on time for our appointments and her friendly, engaging nature made her very easy to work with. She calculated my caloric needs for workout, conditioning, and rest days, and helped me plan meals while traveling, which I do often. Nikky provides me with a wide variety of food options, snacks, and helped me incorporate my existing food delivery service. I still use many of the recipes she sent me. With Nikky’s help I lost fat on a regular basis, losing 13 pounds in as many weeks. I truly enjoyed working with Nikky on nutrition and highly recommend NOVA Sports Nutrition!”

Joette, December 2019

Best nutritionist I've had!

“Nikky gave me the confidence and guidance while navigating my ED recovery. When I started training again she made sure everything was on track and reached out when I was low in some areas of nutrition to check in. She listened to every concern and helped me find solutions to navigate them. She helped me find more plant based protein options for my diet and helped me overcome a lot of body image issues. Best nutritionist I’ve had! “

Brittany, December 2019

Today I have a healthy relationship with food.

“Nikky helped me in SO many ways! Over three months we worked together weekly. She provided a meal plan and nutrition counseling that helped me to: Stop binge eating, become better at making my appropriate food portion choices WITHOUT a scale, and I stopped negative self talk about my body image. Today I have a healthy relationship with food, I’m more focused on what my body can do instead of how it looks and I live a more balanced lifestyle that includes exercise, nutritious foods for fuel, foods I like to eat AND wine! I highly recommend Nikky as she is not only super sweet and professional but very smart and I would absolutely use her services again!”

Hillary, December 2019

I have been able to adopt some intuitive eating habits.

“I chose to speak with Nikky because I have had an unhealthy relationship with food and body image issues for several years. My sessions with Nikky helped me improve my relationship with food tremendously. I had been a chronic yo-yo dieter and was wrapped up in the vicious restrict-binge cycle of eating. Nikky has gotten me to a place where I no longer identify foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I have been able to adopt some intuitive eating habits without feeling the need to eliminate any particular food from my diet. I have also improved on my body image issues since speaking with Nikky. Her approach is one that I will be using as I continue on. Nikky has provided me with several tips and mental exercises that help me identify the negative thoughts that I associate with my body and have me looking at the bigger picture – what is really important in my life.”

Steve, October 2019

I have lost nearly 20 pounds and decreased my body fat.

“After failing year after year of “dieting” and non-sense workouts, I found Nikky at NOVA Sports Nutrition. I was looking for a nutritionist who offered tailored meal plans and workouts to improve my performance, health and weight management. Nikky designed a meal plan with a specific caloric and macro nutrient intake that helped me lose weight, gain muscle and increase my athletic performance. The meal plan even allowed me to have a treat so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the foods I enjoy. She even designed a training plan to help me prepare for the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The training was intense but fun as it allowed me to try new workouts and it helped me get over my weight lifting plateau. This specific training plan increased my speed and strength while improving in every ACFT event. Nikky was attentive to all my concerns and helped me with motivation and focusing on performance with one-to-one counseling and phone sessions. I have lost nearly 20 pounds and decreased my body fat and inches in my hips and waist all while gaining muscle and strength. I would highly recommend Nikky, she has the insight and knowledge to get you the results you are looking for. She’s awesome.”

Nicole, September 2019

My misconceptions have now been cleared up

“Before I worked with NOVA Sports Nutrition, I had a very bad relationship with food. I had a ton of misconceptions about food, had trouble with my body image and as a result developed disordered eating habits. I felt trapped inside myself. NOVA Sports Nutrition was who helped me along this journey and got me to where I am today. My misconceptions have now been cleared up, I have a much better outlook on my body image and my disordered eating has stopped. I am in the best place I have ever been with nutrition and have developed a healthy relationship with food. I no longer feel trapped inside of myself. NOVA Sports Nutrition offered very caring help to me, knew exactly where I was coming from and how to help, and helped me ease out of my disordered eating by making small, gradual changes in my diet, lifestyle and thinking.”

Paul, July 2019

I'm so glad I found Nikky.

“I had a very difficult time finding a professional with the credentials and experience to help me with healthy weight gain. I’m so glad I found Nikky, who was able to provide directions that were simple and easy enough to follow yet also in-depth information to help me make decisions concerning what was best for me along the way. Nikky is exceptionally professional, approachable, and non-judgmental; which was so important for many of us when making this lifestyle change. Thank you, Nikky!”

Laura, February 2019

I highly recommend Nikky's services.

“I took one of my family members to NOVA Sports Nutrition with the goal of developing a better relationship with food. Nikky did a wonderful job of providing counseling and ongoing support to develop excellent nutrition habits, which have led to a much more balanced diet, positive relationship with food, and far less anxiety. I highly recommend Nikky’s services to anyone who wants to achieve a health, well-balanced, consistent diet.”

Carla, May 2019

She is very patient and is genuinely committed.

“I was concerned that I would only be allowed to eat salads, but that was not the case. Nikki customized a diet plan that consisted of my two favorite foods. Ice cream and sweet potato fries! I would definitely recommend Nikki. She is very patient and is genuinely committed to helping you reach your goals!”

Sara, May 2018

I also value the fact that they listen to my questions.

“NOVA Sports Nutrition has helped me better understand the importance of designing and eating well balanced meals that work for me. I greatly appreciate their willingness to tailor the way that they impart their dietary and nutrition information to suit me personally, as well as focusing on areas of concern that are unique to me. I also value the fact that they listen to my questions and take into consideration my personal preferences when it comes to suggesting foods that will help me lose weight and manage my various health conditions.”

Cindy, December 2017

I found Nikky most attentive and supportive.

“I worked with Nova Sports Nutrition on a consultation with the objective of complimenting a high intensity workout program. I found Nikky most attentive and supportive. A key facet of her approach is that it is an investigative one. She initially assigns a program, evaluates and modifies. I definitely recommend.”

Reggie, December 2017

She helped me regain my love for my health, my body and exercise.

“I came to Nikky overweight, tired and out of shape. I’d always been athletic and active and cared about my health but fell off the wagon for a good, long while. She helped me regain my love for my health, my body and exercise. She retaught me how important it is to take good care of myself and feed my body not just what it thinks it wants, but what it actually needs. I think she’s the best use of my money in recent memory.”

Mirriam, December 2017

Working with Nikky the past few months has been great.

“Working with Nikky the past few months has been great. I row on a Master’s rowing program, and since I’ve started training with Nikky I’ve made exponential gains on the water and have more endurance and energy. I’m looking forward to my improved performance for the remainder of the rowing season.

Nikky’s meal planning has helped me tremendously as well. While I’m a healthy eater in general, having a meal and shopping plan, tracking what I eat, and getting feedback from Nikky has helped me meet my goals even faster. Nikky’s demeanor, professionalism, fitness and dietitian knowledge is incredible and I’m so happy to continue to work with her.”

Arend, December 2017





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