How to Keep Cravings in Check

One of the biggest challenges in staying on track with a healthy diet is avoiding situations where you get so hungry that you’ll eat anything. When eating is all you can think about, it can be almost impossible to ward off food cravings, and you might find yourself reaching for the most convenient option, healthy or not.

Here are a few tips to consider before you put that calorie/fat/sugar-dense convenience snack in your mouth:

1. Eat a Piece of Fruit First

Many dietitians would advise you to have a salad or a bowl of soup before eating a meal to manage your appetite, but if you get home after a tough workout or a long day at work, even these starters can feel like they will take far too long to prepare.

However, hand fruits (like apples, bananas, pears, and oranges) are easy to grab and start eating within seconds.

Bananas are my usual go-to. Bananas are rich in fiber and nutrients, are perfect amount of food to quiet my hunger, and the sugar satisfies my craving for something sweet.

Making this small decision to start my lunch or dinner with a piece of fruit makes it that much easier to take the time to prepare a healthy, balanced meal afterward.

2. Drink a Low or No-Calorie Beverage With Your Meal

Having flavored seltzer water, BCAAs, or tea can also calm your stomach while you are preparing food, and can also be a good way to feel like you are having something sweet for dessert after your meal without adding in extra calories.

3. Don’t Keep Anything too Tempting in the House

Everyone has a food that they can’t resist, especially when hunger levels get out of control.

If you are following a particularly healthy eating plan, you probably don’t have cookies or brownies (my personal downfalls) in the house, but you may have chocolate-dipped protein bars, peanut butter, granola, or other foods that are healthy in moderation, but are rich in fat or calories and may be too tempting while you are on a calorie-restricted diet.

Know what your cravings are and what you can keep in the house without setting yourself up for a food binge, and work with your significant other or roommates if need be to manage the supply of tempting foods in the kitchen.

Sticking with a meal plan is tough, but hopefully the tips above can help you succeed by making sure you don’t feel too deprived or tempted during the process. If you feel like you could use extra guidance or a source of accountability, send me an e-mail or leave a comment!

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