Nikky Hindle and Nova Sports Nutrition Services

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and disordered eating can range from mild to severe and manifest themselves in a variety of ways. NOVA takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to nutrition therapy with the goal of improving client relationships with food, exercise, and body image.

Nutrition counseling may include education on the origins of eating disorders and guidance for developing healthy and balanced eating habits. The ultimate goals of eating disorder treatment are to diminish the presence of negative self-talk and promote healthy relationships with food and self, allowing clients to enjoy life and live free.

  • Today I have a healthy relationship with food.

    “Nikky helped me in SO many ways! Over three months we worked together weekly. She provided a meal plan and nutrition counseling that helped me to: Stop binge eating, become better at making my appropriate food portion choices WITHOUT a scale, and I stopped negative self talk about my body image. Today I have a healthy relationship with food, I’m more focused on what my body can do instead of how it looks and I live a more balanced lifestyle that includes exercise, nutritious foods for fuel, foods I like to eat AND wine! I highly recommend Nikky as she is not only super sweet and professional but very smart and I would absolutely use her services again!”

    Hillary M.

  • Best nutritionist I've had!

    “Nikky gave me the confidence and guidance while navigating my ED recovery. When I started training again she made sure everything was on track and reached out when I was low in some areas of nutrition to check in. She listened to every concern and helped me find solutions to navigate them. She helped me find more plant based protein options for my diet and helped me overcome a lot of body image issues. Best nutritionist I’ve had!”

    Brittany B.

  • I’m so glad I found Nikky.

    “I had a very difficult time finding a professional with the credentials and experience to help me with healthy weight gain. I’m so glad I found Nikky, who was able to provide directions that were simple and easy enough to follow yet also in-depth information to help me make decisions concerning what was best for me along the way. Nikky is exceptionally professional, approachable, and non-judgmental; which was so important for many of us when making this lifestyle change. Thank you, Nikky!”

    Laura G.

  • My misconceptions have now been cleared up.

    “Before I worked with NOVA Sports Nutrition, I had a very bad relationship with food. I had a ton of misconceptions about food, had trouble with my body image and as a result developed disordered eating habits. I felt trapped inside myself. NOVA Sports Nutrition was who helped me along this journey and got me to where I am today. My misconceptions have now been cleared up, I have a much better outlook on my body image and my disordered eating has stopped. I am in the best place I have ever been with nutrition and have developed a healthy relationship with food. I no longer feel trapped inside of myself. NOVA Sports Nutrition offered very caring help to me, knew exactly where I was coming from and how to help, and helped me ease out of my disordered eating by making small, gradual changes in my diet, lifestyle and thinking.”

    Paul J.

  • I have been able to adopt some intuitive eating habits.

    “I chose to speak with Nikky because I have had an unhealthy relationship with food and body image issues for several years. My sessions with Nikky helped me improve my relationship with food tremendously. I had been a chronic yo-yo dieter and was wrapped up in the vicious restrict-binge cycle of eating. Nikky has gotten me to a place where I no longer identify foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I have been able to adopt some intuitive eating habits without feeling the need to eliminate any particular food from my diet. I have also improved on my body image issues since speaking with Nikky. Her approach is one that I will be using as I continue on. Nikky has provided me with several tips and mental exercises that help me identify the negative thoughts that I associate with my body and have me looking at the bigger picture – what is really important in my life.”

    Steve B.

  • I highly recommend Nikky's services.

    “I took one of my family members to NOVA Sports Nutrition with the goal of developing a better relationship with food. Nikky did a wonderful job of providing counseling and ongoing support to develop excellent nutrition habits, which have led to a much more balanced diet, positive relationship with food, and far less anxiety. I highly recommend Nikky’s services to anyone who wants to achieve a health, well-balanced, consistent diet.”

    Carla B.



Fairfax, VA