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Lawyer Wellness

Nova Sports Nutrition Lawyer Wellness

Nova Sports Nutrition Lawyer Wellness

In addition to providing individual nutrition counseling, meal plans, and workout plans, NOVA Sports Nutrition also offers group seminars and consulting services specifically addressing wellness issues in the legal profession.

Why Lawyer Wellness?

Legal professionals outpace the general population in rates of suicide, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, and chronic stress. Evidence suggests that this is not a coincidence, but rather the result of the unique combination of occupational hazards that lawyers face throughout their careers. For example, attorneys are frequently expected or required to:

  • work long hours in a sedentary environment;
  • put clients’ needs ahead of their own;
  • work under tense, adversarial conditions;
  • be constantly available to clients and supervisors;
  • meet externally imposed deadlines, including those set by courts, judges, clients, opposing counsel, procedural rules, or supervisors;
  • compete with co-workers for recognition and advancement in the workplace;
  • uphold the duty of attorney-client confidentiality and maintain high ethical standards, even under stressful circumstances; and
  • work for many decades without the promise of early retirement with a pension, as in some other high-stress occupations.

Many of these work-related stressors can cause significant deficiencies in a lawyer’s wellness profile. From sleep deprivation, depression, and alcoholism to chronic health issues like diabetes and obesity, the occupational hazards of the practice of law can wear on legal professionals mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As the legal profession and its various regulatory bodies turn more and more attention to these important issues, NOVA Sports Nutrition has emerged as a leading authority on lawyer wellness, providing seminars and consulting services to legal professionals in a variety of settings, including for Virginia CLE, the leading provider of continuing legal education in the Virginia legal community.

With a team that includes a registered dietitian, an attorney, a behavioral health educator, and the former executive chef of one of the world’s largest law firms, NOVA Sports Nutrition is uniquely positioned to serve as a vital resource to busy legal professionals throughout Virginia and beyond.

NOVA Sports Nutrition is available to provide group nutrition and fitness presentations, consultation with law firm or corporate leadership regarding employee wellness initiatives, and on-site individual nutrition counseling. Please contact us for availability and rates.

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  • My trainer suggested seeing Nikky, and I started losing right away.

    “I am in my 60’s and two years ago started with a fitness trainer. I lost 15 pounds and then hit a wall. My trainer suggested seeing Nikky, and I started losing right away. I was eating the right things, just on the wrong schedule. The great part is I am not hungry anymore!”

    Tom R.

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  • She is very patient and is genuinely committed.

    I was concerned that I would only be allowed to eat salads, but that was not the case. Nikki customized a diet plan that consisted of my two favorite foods. Ice cream and sweet potato fries! I would definitely recommend Nikki. She is very patient and is genuinely committed to helping you reach your goals!

    Sara S.

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  • I also value the fact that they listen to my questions.

    NOVA Sports Nutrition has helped me better understand the importance of designing and eating well balanced meals that work for me. I greatly appreciate their willingness to tailor the way that they impart their dietary and nutrition information to suit me personally, as well as focusing on areas of concern that are unique to me. I also value the fact that they listen to my questions and take into consideration my personal preferences when it comes to suggesting foods that will help me lose weight and manage my various health conditions.

    Cindy S.

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  • I have never felt better.

    “I pinch myself when I think about where I started and where I finished. I never thought it was possible to achieve what we did by coming up with a plan that worked for my busy schedule. I was positive that I couldn’t stick to a plan with all of the traveling I do. I’m thankful Nikky convinced me it was possible! I started at 262.2lbs. It actually feels weird writing that number down. My goal was to get to 217 . . . and I was able to blow that number away, and do so well ahead of schedule! I ultimately got to 188.6 lbs.! I have never felt better, I have never had more energy, and I have never been as productive at work. I could not have done it without Nikky’s guidance AND support.”

    Greg F.

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  • Nikky helped me make gradual changes and listened to my preferences for meals

    “I came to NOVA Sports Nutrition right after hip surgery to assist with getting back my strength, losing weight, and learning how to fuel my body while I returned to previous activity levels. This was my first time ever working with a Registered Dietitian and Nikky has been so great. I didn’t want to cut out whole food groups or feel insane cravings. Nikky helped me make gradual changes and listened to my preferences for meals. My weekly video calls with Nikky also helped me quickly adjust my nutrition based on stressors, food availability (thanks to COVID), and physical feedback from my body during workouts. All of the healthy habits Nikky is helping me with are slowly becoming my “default” and I couldn’t be happier about that.”

    Angie C.

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  • She’s responsive, effective, and listened to what I needed.

    Nikky is great – she’s responsive, effective, and listened to what I needed. She provided workout/meal plans that fit my crazy life, and I will continue to use her in the future!

    Callie A.

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  • She helped me regain my love for my health, my body and exercise.

    “I came to Nikky overweight, tired and out of shape. I’d always been athletic and active and cared about my health but fell off the wagon for a good, long while. She helped me regain my love for my health, my body and exercise. She retaught me how important it is to take good care of myself and feed my body not just what it thinks it wants, but what it actually needs. I think she’s the best use of my money in recent memory.”

    Mirriam Z.

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