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Sports Nutrition

Whether you’re new to competitive sports or an experienced athlete getting ready for another season, NOVA can keep you at the top of your game. In order to perform at your peak, it’s not only vital to consider what you put in your body, but also when. Nutrient timing, meal planning, hydration, game-day nutrition, and recovery are all essential components of any sports nutrition plan.

NOVA provides sports nutrition services to amateur, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes that compete in a variety of different sports, including:

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • bodybuilding
  • cross country
  • cycling
  • football
  • gymnastics
  • lacrosse
  • military combat fitness
  • obstacle course racing
  • powerlifting
  • rowing
  • rugby
  • soccer
  • softball
  • swimming
  • track & field
  • weightlifting
  • wrestling
  • water polo

Additionally, we also provide nutrition guidance for performing artists, including:

    • dancers
    • actors
    • musicians

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  • Working with her has had a very positive effect on my entire family.

    “I can’t thank Nikky enough for helping me with my nutrition plan and weight loss! Working with her has had a very positive effect on my entire family. It turns out that eating healthy is a very contagious thing…

    Greg F.

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  • I have lost nearly 20 pounds and decreased my body fat.

    “After failing year after year of “dieting” and non-sense workouts, I found Nikky at NOVA Sports Nutrition. I was looking for a nutritionist who offered tailored meal plans and workouts to improve my performance, health and weight management. Nikky designed a meal plan with a specific caloric and macro nutrient intake that helped me lose weight, gain muscle and increase my athletic performance.”

    Nicole K.

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  • Working with Nikky the past few months has been great.

    “Working with Nikky the past few months has been great. I row on a Master’s rowing program, and since I’ve started training with Nikky I’ve made exponential gains on the water and have more endurance and energy. I’m looking forward to my improved performance for the remainder of the rowing season.

    Arend F.

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  • NOVA Sports Nutrition has been outstanding for our teenage daughter.

    “NOVA Sports Nutrition has been outstanding for our teenage daughter. We originally approached Nikky to help our daughter with her nutrition, Body Mass Index (BMI) and to improve her strength/flexibility for her varsity sports program. Nikky has been an absolutely superior coach and overall wellness asset…the results have been great! Our daughter has consistently reached all of her benchmarks with regard to Body Mass Index, as well as a noticeable improvement in her strength and flexibility. The best part of all is our daughter is always motivated for her sessions at NOVA. We highly recommend NOVA Sports Nutrition!”

    Dave and Stacey S.

  • I truly enjoyed working with Nikky on nutrition.

    “I started working with Nikky on the recommendation of my kettlebell instructor. I am a weightlifter and needed to lose body fat in order to be close to my weight class. I interacted with Nikky by phone and through the Healthie app. She was always on time for our appointments and her friendly, engaging nature made her very easy to work with. She calculated my caloric needs for workout, conditioning, and rest days, and helped me plan meals while traveling, which I do often. Nikky provides me with a wide variety of food options, snacks, and helped me incorporate my existing food delivery service. I still use many of the recipes she sent me. With Nikky’s help I lost fat on a regular basis, losing 13 pounds in as many weeks. I truly enjoyed working with Nikky on nutrition and highly recommend NOVA Sports Nutrition!”

    Joette J.

  • I found Nikky most attentive and supportive.

    “I worked with Nova Sports Nutrition on a consultation with the objective of complimenting a high intensity workout program. I found Nikky most attentive and supportive. A key facet of her approach is that it is an investigative one. She initially assigns a program, evaluates and modifies. I definitely recommend.”

    Reggie M.

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